Ideas & Incubation
Vogel Street Party
14 Oct 2017


Experience the evolving Dunedin Sound.

Trent Hawthorne

Calm but fittingly energised originals played with a ukulele, loop pedal and vocals.


Maryland are an ambient duo who're mostly interested in the synthesis of genres. Inheriting an approach to music that the genres and artists of hip-hop and electronic music have privileged us with, we take influence from taxonomically distant and distinct musical-places. A small few of these genres are post-punk, microsound, classical music, ambient music, and math-rock. Less cerebrally our music is often informed by the technologies we use. Being a duo who want to sound 'large', we use a lot of loops. Looping can become a guide to our writing, as it imposes restrictions around the structures in music: limits of what a verse, chorus, etc, can be. So, basically our music is loop-centric and kinda strange - in a good way.
Jetty Stage 3:00 3:30

The Dunedin Pipe Band

The City of Dunedin Pipe Band is a competitive pipe band, based in Dunedin, New Zealand and is led by Pipe Major, Alec Findlater.
Queens Stage 3:10 3:40

Valley Bluegrass

Valley Bluegrass are Carola Dunbar – fiddle, Robbie Stevens – banjo, Sean Donald – guitar and Dave Coleclough – upright bass. They have a great time playing classic old Bluegrass songs and instrumentals at any Farmer’s Market, bar, cafe, festival or street party that will have them. Last year they won the Unplugged Busking at the Gore Gold Guitar Awards and earlier this year, won the Open Senior Group Award.
Police Stage 3:10 3:40


Fabz is a solo artist whose music style can be described as hip hop/rnb mix, and also reflects elements of rock.
Carpark Stage 3:10 3:40

James Dignan

Songwriter, guitarist, singer, poet... James Dignan has been part of the Dunedin music scene for many years, initially as the lead singer of bands The Kaftans and The Moomins and more recently as a soloist. His melodic and often lyrically complex songs are mostly in the singer/songwriter folk-rock mode, but occasionally step out onto a variety of other genres. He performs them accompanying himself on guitar, drum machine and occasional harmonica. He has released one solo album ("Partial Rapture Theory") and is working on a second.
VSK Stage 3:20 4:00

Hana Fahy & BBC

Hana Fahy and the BBC's musical offerings run the gamut from melancholic blues ballads to playful, soul-infused pop ditties that will stick in your brain long after the music has ended.
Jetty Stage 3:40 4:10

Do Speak Louder

Do Speak Louder is a vibin' four-piece rock'n'roll band. With some feel good tunes and a great live show, they're making music that has become the essence of teenage life in Dunedin.
Carpark Stage 3:50 4:20

Michael & Trevor Graham

Dunedin music at its finest.
Queens Stage 3:50 4:20

The Valley Chicks

We are the Valley Chicks. We are a ukulele group based in North East Valley
Police Stage 4:00 4:40

Jimmy Higgs

Jimmy is a Dunedin, New Zealand based singer / songwriter and drummer. Music style: Bluesy, Alt-Country, Folk Rock with a touch of Reggae
VSK Stage 4:10 4:50

For the Quail

Throb, shear, pummel and wash.
Jetty Stage 4:20 4:50


Dunedin music at its finest.
Queens Stage 4:30 5:00


Five 20th Century time travelers who communicate rhythmic melodic vibrations which we combine with words to make... songs.
Carpark Stage 4:30 5:00

Bill Morris

Bill Morris is a songwriter, filmmaker and writer from southern New Zealand. He grew up in remote South Island mountain country and is now based in the coastal city of Dunedin.
Police Stage 4:50 5:30

Boaz Anema

Singer/Songwriter hailing from the cold tundra called Dunedin. Front man for the Vortz, Boaz is taking his guitar and voice to the masses, stripped back and baring it for all to hear and see.
VSK Stage 5:00 5:40

The Doll Drums

Dunedin originals band The Doll Drums have been best described by a music student as “Jefferson Airplane meets a punk Kate Bush”. Their unique style appeals to many, with one venue owner marvelling how he had never heard anyone mix up pop, rock, punk and folk with smatterings of opera. The singer has a strong, powerful and unusual voice which swoops up and down her vocal range and often gets compared to Kate Bush. They are an energetic, unique band with real verve - they've been going down a storm at a variety of venues from the student gigs at Refuel, to the quieter Dog with Two Tails and the family oriented Waitati festival. A four piece band they deliver a great live show with some very catchy and danceable tunes. With excellent musicianship and a mesmerising singer with a compelling voice and outfit to match - this is a band not to be missed! Come dance and be mesmerised!
Jetty Stage 5:00 5:30

Francisca Griffin

The acute lyricism and expansive guitar tones of Francisca Griffin (bassist in Flying Nun band Look Blue Go Purple) has recently been strengthened by bassist Mick Elborado (Terminals, Negative Nancies) and drummer Gabriel Griffin (Sewage). This all new line up provides a rhythmic network that Francisca weaves her way through in the sparse, magnetic way that defines her sound. Songs pulled from the gravity of living. Personal estuaries. Look out soon for a new single, and upcoming album 'the spaces between’ in the new year.
Carpark Stage 5:10 5:40

Fried Salad

Deep Fried Acoustic Blues.
Queens Stage 5:10 5:40

Shake DJs

Get down to some afternoon house music with Haszari & Snuggles, DJs of regular Carousel Bar night Shake. They'll be frothing & you can too. What's your favourite flavour?
Police Stage 5:40 6:20

Sam Manzanza & Afro Beat Band

Sam Manzanza & Afro Beat Band will be performing his hot and spicy brand Afro beat and powerful rhythms of Africa to make audience feel, love and peace to dance no stop, they won't have to go to the gym next day. Is always a hit with audience. Promise it is going to be a showcase of upbeat music, positive vibes and high energy rhythm and your temperature will rise.
Jetty Stage 5:40 6:10

Paul S Allen

Paul S Allen is a singer/songwriter and guitarist with a reflective style performing original songs from the heart and soul.
Queens Stage 5:50 6:20


Viices is Jake McComb's high energy solo act, a blend of hiphop and rock that he builds live with a guitar, loop pedal and drum machine. With a debut EP about to drop, Viices has some crazy big things in the works so keep an eye on his Facebook page
VSK Stage 5:50 6:30

Concrete Grady

Concrete Grady is a five-piece band from Dunedin who have been performing together for three years now. We play all original songs in a variety of styles and have so far recorded one album – The Sea – with plans for a second early next year.
Carpark Stage 5:50 6:20

The Sham

The Sham were born in the depths of Caversham. They make music from their guts, soaked with gin. The result is a heady mix of loud ass rock, catchy tunes, epic solos twisted drum solos and tales of loss, wanting and rage.
Jetty Stage 6:20 6:50

Dr. Marigaux & Highway 88

Dr. Marigaux & Highway 88 will give you awesome grooves from the bass and drums, more horns than you can shake a stick at, and the Doctor’s snarling vocals on top. Somewhere between voodoo soul and punk blues this saxophone-heavy band will funk your imagination!
Carpark Stage 6:30 7:00


Kia ora koutou katoa. I grew up in Dunedin and have lived here all my life. I have travelled a bit and maybe we will live away from Dunedin one day, but we love it here. And now the whanau has grown and we are becoming ever more interconnected. My songs are mostly about my perspective on our shared experiences of childhood, spirituality and identity, and how we relate to and interact with each other, and to our physical and cultural environment. I hope they connect with you in some way. Have a great time at VSP. Nga mihi nui kia koutou.
Queens Stage 6:30 7:00


Bronwyn is a contemporary country singer/songwriter from Dunedin who grew up living and breathing music. Her songs have a way of capturing audiences of all ages with their catchy lyrics and melodies. She finds inspiration anything but primarily from country music artists like the Dixie Chicks, Miranda Lambert and Kacey Musgraves. She recently released her EP "All In" and it reached no. 9 on the NZ Top 20 Album Charts.
Police Stage 6:30 7:10


Seafog are a local 3 piece. 2 guitars and drums. Martyn Sadler, Robin Sharma and Nigel Waters passionately play soul music with an alternative punch. Self-described as an outsider rock band. Their Alt country, folk punk has recently progressed into a prog rock, boogie unit. Maybe this is due to them rehearsing for their 3 rd release -a double this time , Animal Lovers Versus The Self Kill boys…out early 2018 on Zelle records. Seafog’s first 2 Vinyl releases are available at Relics. (or sampled on bandcamp.) Highly influenced by whatever they are in to at the time. Come check them out. They are looking forward to playing the Vogel Street party this year and can also be found on Facebook land.
Jetty Stage 7:00 7:30

Tahu & The Takahes

Be warned: the Takahēs are a living, breathing, prehistoric band that has outlived the forces of predation and evolution to entertain, amuse and enthrall!
Carpark Stage 7:10 7:40


Dunedin based alternative pop folk shambler - #1 band in New Zealand if you discount all the others!
Queens Stage 7:10 7:40


The duo consists of Michael Wingfield (aka Wingi) - Ukuleles/Lead Vocals, and Greg Trounson - Bass/Triangle/Backing Vocals. The pair exude an infectious attitude of intense fun and passion in their energetic live shows. There are plans to record a Ukulele based EP in the not too distant future.
Police Stage 7:20 8:00

Darryl Baser

Recently long-time Dunedin musician darryl baser has been working on #Secondselfie a follow up to his 2016 debut lp #Rawselfie. Whereas Rawselfie was recorded as live straight to cellphone in a st Kilda flat, #Secondselfie is being layered on computer with percussion, loops, drums, bass, guitar and multiple vocal tracks. baser has also been playing live with a looping pedal - live looping drums and or percussive guitar. I'm really looking forward to the amazing vibe of #VSP2017 and sharing a bunch of new songs with the punters who pause to listen.
VSK Stage 7:30 8:10

The Rinky Tinky Jingle Jangle Jazz Club

The Rinky Tinky Jingle Jangle Jazz Club was born out of a love for all things Rinky and/or Tinky. Their style is heavily influenced by great artists of the Rinky & Tinky genres such as the Jingle Jangle All-Stars and the Big Bad Tinky Orchestra. If you like to dance and don't take life too seriously then this is the band for you!
Jetty Stage 7:40 8:10

Person Will

New-pop, folk-bap, maximilist-eclectro swing!
Queens Stage 7:50 8:30

Bark Like a Dog

We are an indie-rock band consisting of Josh Glennie (vocals/rhythm guitar) Alex Cochrane (Lead guitar) Jacob Ross (Drums) and Matt Reid (bass). We play music that will entertain a wide audience base from young to old, with our music taking influence from artists like The Pixies, Foo Fighters, Kings Of Leon and Sonic Youth. We love to entertain people and get them dancing giving everyone a good time with some catchy riffs!
Carpark Stage 8:10 8:40

Melissa and The Dr.

Take two keen country music aficionados from two different generations and stylistic leanings, season with lead and harmony vocals reminiscent of Emmylou and Gram, Dolly and Porter, add a dash of chemistry and you have the duo that is Melissa Partidge and Dr Twang (Hyram Ballard). Melissa has many country music awards to her name including a Tui Award for Best Country Album (2008). The Dr has recently returned from touring in Europe with well known folk band The Chaps. Both have years of performing experience under their hats, that is if they wore hats. Together they play a collection of stripped-down classic country duets as well as alt-country tunes - some sweet, some bittersweet, some downright tragic - all delivered in style. Melissa and the Dr have performed together on a number of stage shows and are looking to take their sound to the honky tonks and country bars of the greater Mosgiel area.
Police Stage 8:10 8:50

Back on Track

Underground dance music based in Dunedin NZ.
VSK Stage 8:20 9:00

Both Sides of the Line

Both Sides of the line is a five piece rockabilly/retro-pop/alt-country band. They have been playing in and around Dunedin for eight years and have produced an EP and two full-length albums. Their music has a feel-good vibe which will get you dancing or tapping your toes at the very least!
Jetty Stage 8:20 8:50

Regenerator Music Public Jam Finale

The final performance from musicians from the Regenerator Public Jam! Come and see what they have come up with!
Queens Stage 8:40 9:20

The Tommy Gunners

The Tommy Gunners are a garage rock band. They have been refining their sound for several years. With a classic lineup of two guitars, bass and drums, they explore the possibilities of a double pronged guitar attack and a pounding rhythm section. This is their outdoor debut and they are excited at the opportunity to play at this years Vogel Street Party!
Carpark Stage 8:50 9:20

Michael Morris

Michael Morris is a songwriter and music producer, based in Dunedin New Zealand. His work is psychedelic, drawing influence from blues, folk and rock n roll.
Police Stage 9:00 9:40


A filtered square-wave bassline, a sample from the Sopranos, and an unsettled beat walk into a bar. Haszari seized them later that night, when they left the bar – a bit jumbled, feeling disoriented from too much delay. When they were finally released, they were unrecognisable.
Jetty Stage 9:00 10:00

The Mentalist Collective

A collection of songwriters and instrumentalists, evolving music into an indie/rock/rock style that will get you dancing and crying, possibly at the same time.
VSK Stage 9:10 10:00

Chemical Damage

Chemical Damage are a new, and exciting, old school Dunedin punk band, with a message and groove that will leave your socks in a different area from where they were. Passion and good tunes, power and conscience, all mixed into the reality of NZ in 2017. We are proudly CHEMICAL DAMAGE!
Carpark Stage 9:30 10:00